Class ( Linguistics For Esl Educators Essay example

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In this class (Linguistics for ESL Educators), I discovered that I am an EL student myself, I was exposed to English early on, and my experience and cultural and social surroundings played an important part in acquiring the English language, which would be referred as Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS) by Jims Cummins. As I entered school I learned what is known as academic English, Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALPS). As a teacher, I have understood that language is a complex subject. There are many factors such as your culture, background, and the environment you’re surrounded by play an important part in language acquisition. It is known that is not an easy task to acquire a second language after puberty, however, it is not an impossible one either.

According to researchers first language acquisition influences second language acquisition only in the beginning stages of the language learning. As a result of knowing the first language, the learner already knows how the language functions and is most motivated to learn the second language. As an effective teacher and with the right techniques, I will definitely be able to assist English Language Learner students in acquiring the English language.

Based on the different theories that I was introduced to, I have acquired several to use in my teachings. I believe there is no one way to teach language acquisition. First, I learned that it is important to know the meaning of Basic Interpersonal…

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