Essay on Class As An Undergraduate Student

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Journal One The expectations that I had about this class before it started are very different from what it has actually been like. I expected to have a textbook that explored the distinct characteristics of each race and ethnicity just like we had in my diversity class as an undergraduate student. Within the first thirty minutes of class Dr. Love explained why we would not be using a book like that. I had never stopped to think about how books set up in that fashion just help to perpetuate stereotypes that are held about different races and ethnicities. I also never thought about how even if you do memorize the “appropriate ways to interact with different races” and are very mindful about these facts while interacting with others it would not even help that much. This is because each individual is unique and a list of generalizations about each race will not encompass every person’s preferences who identify as such. I knew from this point on that this class was really going to challenge my previous beliefs and give me a whole new perspective on diversity. One of the first readings assigned was “Doing Race: An Introduction” by Paula M. L. Moya and Hazel Rose Markus. The message of this introductory essay was that our entire society is set up in a way that does race. I was already aware of many of the points that this essay made from my previous Sociology and Social Psychology classes in previous semesters. I thought that because of this I was more socially aware than most…

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