Essay on Class A Guide Through The American Status System

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Paul Fussell wrote, Class a Guide through the American Status System in 1983. Fussell introduces interesting points that perceives how we, as Americans are viewed through social class. This book will have you contemplate about where you fall in line in terms of the social hierarchy system. As I read, the Class guide I analyzed how our social status reveals itself and not just in terms of money, but other significant contributions that defines us as humans. We have socially categorized as humans, our commonality extinction is to make assumptions about the people around us or label them. The impression we are visible to, gives us the chance to label others. Examining the main issues Fussell’s argues that social class and social status can be defined in many ways, in fact, he enlisted the new nine American class structures that Americans categorize as. The social construct of how Americans fit into society specifically the inequality being passed around towards the less fortunate. I thought numerous times if Americans including myself is conscious of our class awareness in context to know where you stand and to remain in that place.
Do Americans subconsciously dismiss the reality of social equality, not in terms of race, but power because it seems to be beneficial for the elite or dominant group to prosper and have the less fortunate in reminds to their limits. Fussell put in perspective that society needs to realize that we all have a place where we belong and for me Fussell…

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