Calamity In Lord Of The Flies

Throughout history, the human race has responded to calamities or hard times by reverting back to more barbaric and primitive roots. For example, when there is a mob of people in an emergency situation it sometimes results in people getting trampled. William Golding exemplifies this occurrence in Lord of the Flies with the use of his characters and their actions. For instance, the author shows the boys using Robert as a pig, and Jack becoming more obsessed with the pig and later killing the sow. Other examples that support this statement is the death of Piggy, Roger torturing the twins. The last case that supports this thesis is when the other boys are trying to kill Ralph and how Ralph reverts back to thinking and acting like an animal. In response to this extreme situation of all the boys being stranded on an island with no rules or restrictions, the boys fall into anarchy by regressing into savagery, and uncivilized youth.
The boys use Robert as a pig in game that mimics a pig hunt. During the time the boys restrain Robert 's arms and legs so that he cannot move or defend himself. While restraining Robert they started chanting and dancing around in an almost tribal way. The boys get so into the dancing that Ralph actually starts stabbing at Robert with a spear. This
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Golding proves this in his novel Lord of the Flies by demonstrating how the boys on the island regress back to these ways. In the face of disaster and being stranded, the boys don’t have any influence or guidance from the outside or civil world which causes them to act this way. William Golding does this by showing the boys using Robert as a pig in a mock hunt, Jack becoming more obsessed and gruesome with the pig killings. Also the killing of Piggy, Roger torturing the twins, and the attempted murder of

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