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Internet Article Analysis

Our nation is undergoing an economic hardship. Our American society has been in the midst of a recession for the past several years. When a nation is undergoing a recession it is felt in many different ways in many different places. Very few are immune to these types of circumstances. As our nation undergoes trying to restore it back to its prior financial prowess the citizens are not the only individuals who are suffering from the consequences. Law enforcement and government agencies alike are also feeling the brunt of the recession as budget cuts and budget shortfalls and further budgetary concerns begin to become more of a problem and a concern.
Valerie Honeycutt Spears wrote an article in
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What this means is that funding for agencies like law enforcement, and the like will also feel this move and be hindered by it.
As a person who has lived in California for a long time, and in a small community area at that, one has not been a stranger to the economic hardships that California and its statesmen have felt. It is hard to not to be aware of the circumstances of the state when they surround one. In this article it has been brought to the attention of the state representatives that their budget that they have planned for, which was one that was predicted to lose money, will lose a much more massive amount of money than they imagined, and this bad. This is bad for California, as well as those who live in the state, and this is bad for the agencies that already exist in the state.

If one possessed the ability to make recommendations for things that may help the state and its funding issues so that the agencies of the state would not suffer from budget cuts one would make one suggestion. California needs an economic boost. California needs something that will bring economic life back to the bluegrass. California needs JOBS. The revenue from state taxes and general funds have fallen, this is largely because not many people in the state of California are fortunate to have jobs or jobs that pay them well. They have no excess funding to spend that would if given the opportunity to be changed,

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