Civilization And Savagery In Lord Of The Flies

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Themes can be an important part of a novel’s identity. In Lord of the Flies, William Golding uses several themes which help elevate the novel. The themes that are most well developed in this book are civilization vs savagery, man vs nature and loss of innocence. These themes are very significant to the book and very well developed.
Civilization vs. savagery is the best developed of the three themes. Lord of the Flies presents a constant battle between civilization and savagery in the form of Ralph (civilization) and Jack (savagery). These two characters battle for leadership throughout the book. In the beginning Ralph takes control with his plan for civilization and rules but that is short lived because of Jack’s plan for hunting and killing.
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Having been in the situation the boys were in when on the island, being thrown onto a tropical island in the middle of nowhere with no humans living on it starts to question the boys relationship with nature and how it will be. The boys’ relationship with nature would take either of three paths: respect towards nature and its species, contempt towards nature or averseness towards nature. The category respect towards nature was adopted by the character Simon. In lord of the flies, Simon is a Christ like figure in the book and represents nature in the way he respects it. Simon as it is shown in the book realizes that we do have to use nature and its belongings such as the pigs and maybe some plants. Simon wants to use nature as a resource and friend and not an enemy. Simon finds peace and harmony in the forest for example when he goes on his deep forest excursions and observes bugs and animals. Jack on the other hand treats the forest with contempt towards nature acting destructively towards everything that stands in his way. Whether it was pigs or vines and trees he was constantly killing them or damaging them for no reason at all for example at the end when he was trying to hunt ralph down and burned the whole forest up. That was a careless act and did not need to be done. Finally Ralph avoided nature in this book all together. He was not big on going into the forest and …show more content…
He broke down in tears because of how unbelievable the events occurred on the island were. From Piggy’s death or the killing of Simon these little kids turned into older savages. When the boys were first deserted on the island they did what children like to do which is play and have fun and also having homesickness and fear of what may happen to them. Over the course of the novel though they turn into these unbelievable savages and they actually are in a smaller world of what is happening on the outside world and the war. The book almost has a Garden of Eden like experience with lots of fruits and trees and lush jungle. But in both stories a beast or a snake causes the break up or loss of grace. In Lord of the flies the beast ends up splitting the group into 2 because of fear which then causes loss of peace. In Adam and Eve it does the same when Adam and Eve get tempted by Satan in the form of the snake. In the end both end up losing their innocence and peacefulness they once

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