Consequences Of Savagery

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The author stresses the negative consequences of savagery are clearly stated throughout the novel. In the early chapters of the novel, he proposes that one of the important roles of a society is to provide an outlet for human impulses. The Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a novel in which the theme of savagery versus civilization is explored. William Golding uses word choice and Sam and Eric’s impressions, looks, and actions to reveal their attitude of being positive and nice.

Firstly, Sam and Eric’s attitude of being positive and nice is revealed through the whole novel. This novel, written by William Golding tells the reader that in the middle of the war, a transported plane carrying a group of English little boys was shot down
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This novel, written by William Golding tells the reader that Ralph calls a meeting Jack, Piggy, and the littluns discuss their attitude of the beast that came out of the water. “Sam and Eric. Call then to an assembly. Quietly. Go on. The twins holding tremulously to each other.”(Golding pg.93) It further shows the reader that Sam and Eric are followers because they follow orders. The word tremulously, literally means shaking or quivering slightly but it has a sad, fearful, or mean connotation. Here we can see that the twins have a positive and nice attitude because when they are told to do something they do it with no back talk. Golding reveals this attitude when he writes, “ We ran as fast as we could. Bashed into things the beast followed us. I saw it slinking behind the trees. Nearly touched me.”(Golding pg.100) Here we can see that Sam and Eric make everyone believe there is a beast on the island. The word, slinking literally meaning moved smoothly and quietly with gliding steps but it has a sad, mean, or fearful connotation. It further shows a reader that the beast was slowly sneaking behind the tree to try and get them.This novel shows that everyone was scared and running away from the beast which is the …show more content…
In Lord of the Flies, Sam and Eric seem to have a positive and nice attitude. To me, this represents the power and someone to always look up to. They never lose willpower to be recused and stay civilized. He does not conform to the other characters thought of beliefs. Sam and Eric have tons of passion for their beliefs and ways of life. The twins slowly lose their civilization and become savages as they also lose their innocence as their original sin is represented by the

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