Civil Rights : Plessy V. Ferguson Essay

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Civil Rights Question:
Plessy v. Ferguson was a case in which the Supreme Court upheld racial segregation on the basis of “separate but equal” and was seen as not violating the 14th Amendment which guarantees equal protection under the law. Under the “separate but equal” doctrine each race as equal and would receive all public accommodations and other living resource but would be separated by race. However, the 14th Amendment, mainly the Equal Protection Clause was written to protect everyone no matter the race from being deprived “life, liberty, and property”. The biggest of the 14th Amendment limitations that were that not stated or implied is a race being inferior to another race. Moreover, this idea allowed them to keep different races separate because they would be receiving the same accommodations as any other race. However, this interfered with the founding principle of “equal treatment under the law”, and was concluded that making groups separate is not equal in many cases, including in segregation. This was concept was not changed until the Brown v. Board of Education case which would end segregation within schools. Prior to this case, African Americans were seen and felt that they were an inferior race at the time. Moreover, segregation would then deprive African American children of some of their benefits within the school system. In this case, it was seen as separation in school is inherently unequal and would violate the Equal Protection Clause found in the 14th…

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