Cis/336 Ilab 7 of 7 - Sql Course Essay

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CIS/336 iLab 7 of 7 - SQL Course
There is a lot more to a database than just tables and the data in them. A very important part of database security has to do with using and understanding Database Views. Being able to enhance the efficiency of the database tables by using additional indexes is also a very important aspect of database development. Finally, being able to create and use Database Sequences to automate some of the sequential processes in the database can not only save
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Remember in using a Spool Session, you must type "SPOOL OFF" at the SQL> PROMPT after your Script stops spooling to capture all of your data!

Lab Do's and Don't's
Do Not include the LEEBOOKS.SQL as part of your lab script.
Do use Notepad to write your query script file.

Do Not write your queries in Word.
Do test each query before moving on to the next.

Do Not include extra queries for a problem unless the problem explicitly asks for more than one query.
Do test your queries before creating your final output file.

Do Not turn in a scrip file that has queries with errors.
Do number each query using either --1 or REM 1 comment notation.

Do Not start your query on the same line as the comment.
Do remember to check your final output and script file for accuracy.

Do Not turn in your lab without first checking your output file to verify that it is correct.

Things to keep in mind:

If you are not sure of the table names in your user schema, you can use the following select statement to list them.


If you want to know the name of the columns in a particular table, you can use the following command to list them.


Making a script file containing a series of describe statements for each table and then spooling the output will give you a listing of all the tables with column names.

Be sure to review and verify your final output when you are finished. Do Not assume anything.

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