Cis 500: Cloud Computing Essay

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Case Study 2: Cloud Computing
CIS500: Information Systems Decision-Making
2012, December 2

How did Ericsson benefit from Amazon Web Services (AWS)?
According to Amazon’s Web Service website, it gives users the option to run just about everything using their service applications. By incorporating cloud computing, users are able to cut variable costs to a more attractive scale for the business by eliminating costly administrative and hardware fees. Due to remote access, Ericsson was able to immediately take advantage of AWS’s benefits since the infrastructure was already up and running. Demands change quickly and it’s important for a company to be able to adjust accordingly. By using the cloud system, Ericsson was able to employ
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The main purpose of this service is to “maximize benefits of scale and pass them on to developers” (AWS Website, 2012).

RightScale is your bridge between applications and your cloud infrastructure. It allows for easy deployment and management of apps across not only public clouds, but private and hybrid ones as well. RightScale configures efficiently and also provides organizations with better overall command of the cloud computing infrastructure and applications. Server management is an important aspect of using the cloud, and with this service, the company can scale and monitor more effectively, enhancing control. Organizations view the portability of RightScale as a huge incentive because it provides for greater flexibility and less restriction in a sense of provider options.

Security Concerns & How to Cope With Them
Naturally, with any cloud-based service, there are lots of security concerns, including but not limited to, recovery issues, who has access to sensitive information, and data location.
Recovery Issues
In the event that the organization loses information or experiences a tragic situation, the vendor who is sponsoring the cloud-based service should have a detailed and easily executable plan in place to resolve the issue and make the process of recovery as painless as possible. It’s also important that both parties agree to the terms beforehand to avoid any unnecessary disagreements and issues.

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