Cinema Paradiso Essay

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Jorn Nash
Professor Martin
RTVF 305
1 November 2011 Cinema Paradiso (Extended edition) Cinema Paradiso reminds us of how important the people around us are as well as the sacrifices they make because they care about us. When we are young, we take our friends, family, and our community for granted. Giuseppe Tornatore demonstrated the true value of the father-son relationship in this movie. Although Toto’s father dies in the war, the real father-figure in his life ultimately ends up being Alfredo. He takes the mischievous, troublemaking Toto and raises him to become a successful man. Whenever Toto gets in trouble, Alfredo is there to support him. Through him, Toto learns that he has the potential to become something great. The
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This entire movie is about the relationship between Alfredo and Toto. Alfredo takes in Toto as if he were his own. He raises Toto from a boy; teaching him the ways of a projectionist. Toto eventually grows up to become a successful director. Alfredo is solely responsible for this. He urges Toto from a young age that he must leave town and do something great with his life and to never look back. It is, as such, one of the many powerful aspects of growing up. The relationship between a person and their father almost always dictates their path in life. Without Alfredo, Toto would have probably become a trouble-making “townie” to never become anything of importance. Something that should also be considered is how Tornatore sets Alfredo in a position to give Toto advice. Toto looks up to him, and with that goes to him with his problems. Alfredo solves everything for Toto just as a father would in times of need. Their relationship symbolizes how important the father-son connection really is. One would take from this film that companionship is of utmost importance. It’s not only exhilarating, but empowering. With time, we forget that there are people around us. We miss out on all the opportunities to create friendship. Tornatore makes it clear, especially at the end, that life has no meaning without love. Toto expresses to Elena that, although he was very successful, his life just wasn’t the same without her love. Even with Alfredo’s attempts to push Toto into a new

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