Cinderella 's Cinderella - Original Writing Essay examples

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Subsequently after Cinderella’s story begin the first thing the story mentions was the death of Cinderella 's mother. After Cinderella 's mother died, her dad gets married to an evil stepmother, that has two daughters that are very spoiled by their mother. To emphasize on how evil and wicked they were the stepmother and stepsisters prevented any possibilities for Cinderella to live a happy life. Under those circumstance Cinderella goes through a lot of mental abuse that have no justification. Although, the reason that Cinderella 's stepmother treats her very poorly is, because of the envy she has for Cinderella. The envy that comes from Cinderella 's stepmother is the jealousy of Cinderella 's beauty, and it bothers the stepmother that her daughter’s are not as beautiful as Cinderella. Thus, Cinderella 's stepmother made Cinderella dress and look like a slave. For that reason Cinderella 's image was shattered by her stepmother and made Cinderella look ugly and dirty. On the other hand the stepsisters were made to look more desirable and dress more sophisticated. For the most part Cinderella is ridiculed so the stepsisters can feel superior about themselves and cover their ugliness and wickedness inside them.

Cinderella 's story began with her mother being very sick in the brink of death. As Cinderella 's mother was about to die her mother told cinderella that she will always keep an eye on her, and will always be Cinderella 's guardian and will always protect…

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