Church And Small Group Ministries Essay

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Many churches and small group ministries have different forms of worship to reach different types of people. Two kinds of religion have derived out of many traditional Churches. They are Unitarian and Trinitarian.
Unitarian worship reflects on a person 's thoughts and experiences they have with music that comfort, challenge, and inspire them in their lives to make a difference in their lives and the world. Unitarians are religious in nature, and their worship is routinely programmed and centered around themselves and not Jesus. Many in the Millenium generation would say they are boring, nothing new or out of the ordinary.
According to Torrance, "Unitarian has no doctrine of the mediator or sole priesthood of Christ, is human-centered, has no proper doctrine of the Holy Spirit, is too often non-sacramental, and can engender weariness." (20) This worship is not Jesus oriented because it produces selfishness, worry, hopelessness, and unhappiness; all the opposite of Jesus character. The Bible says that Jesus inhabits the praises of His people. However, if a person is all about self-praise and focused on what they do and doing, they cannot be called the people of God. Moreover, they are not about the individual priesthood of Jesus, who being humankind Advocate and Mediator.
Torrance describes Trinitarian as a form of worship that conveys the gospel. (15) In other words, a worship that proclaims the death, the burial, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Torrance emphasizes,…

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