Chrysanthemums Essay

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Going back into history, women were always considered to be the "weaker sex." The social assumptions that women have had held over them has only made women fight harder to shake the stereotypes they have been given and show they are just as independet as men are and are equal to them too. "The Chrysanthemums" by John Steinbeck is a perfect example of the aggravation felt by a woman who is only being seen for her sex. The main charater, Elisa, lives with her husband, Henry. Elisa doesn't have any children or a job. Her main focus is her garden and her prize possession, her chrysanthmums. She takes care of these flowers with astounding care, keeping them save from anything that could harm them. The way a mother cares for her child is the …show more content…
He tries to convince the quiet wife to give him some work to do. Only after complimenting Elisa on her chrysanthemums, does she give him work to do. The Tinker shows some interest in Elisa, which she has not recieved before and sets her confidence higher than she has ever had it. She feels as if someone understands her passion and love for her garden so she gives the Tinker a gesture in return for all his hard work; a flower pot with some of her chrysanthemums. Later, Elisa begins to feel anger and disappointment because she sees her chrysanthemums, the ones she had planted into a pot for the Tinker, on the side of the road, tossed to the side as if they were nothing. Perhaps if women were seen equal to men, instead of being seen as weak, the Tinker would not have thrown her flowers into the road. Throughout the story, Elisa is in a constant battle with the stereotype that has been placed onto not only her, but all women. She feels as if she will always be seen as the "weaker sex." Elisa has built boundaries so high around herself, isolating herself from the outside world, that she will never know what true freedom feels

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