Christopher Marlowe 's Doctor Faustus Essay

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Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus complicates gender in a variety of ways. First, the text has a very sexist view towards women. Helen of Troy, the Furies and women in a general sense are treated as lesser beings because of their sex. women in this text are objectified and in complete power of the males surrounding them. The men in the text are insecure about their masculinity. Faustus, Benvolio and the Emperor are all characters that have difficulties with their masculinity. The characteristics of what makes a male manly are not all fulfilled in these characters which cause them to be insecure in their masculinity. Faustus struggles most with his masculinity because more than one manly characteristic is unfulfilled. Doctor Faustus complicates gender by providing sexist ideas of women while displaying masculine insecurities in the male characters. To begin, the men in Doctor Faustus are sexist to Helen of Troy and the other females in the text. To start off, before analyzing the very few women in the text it is important to define the word sexist. There are a couple definitions of this word but the one most suitable for this purpose is: “A person who advocates or practises sexism; esp. a man who discriminates against women on the basis of sex” (OED Online). To elaborate on this definition, any person who acts on their prejudice against women because that person is a woman is being sexist. The males in the text do not appear to have a high opinion of women. Time and time…

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