Christopher Columbus : The Greatest Explorer Essay

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For more than five centuries America has lifted Christopher Columbus the greatest explorer. Noticing the truth importance about Columbus. Realized the aspect of what he had done to natives. Despite his being a great navigation explorer, and having good intentions to explore, he was also known for being cruel and evil. Although he was an important to figure in history and the most famous explorer, there were many negative aspects about Columbus. He brought horrible disease to the natives, not being the first pioneer to discover the land and the natives mass murder.
As a result of Christopher Columbus ' journey to the New World, he brought diseases to the Native Americas. Europeans explore and Christopher Columbus brought diseases that the native population did not have the immunity to fight against. A disease called smallpox, a highly contagious viral disease can kill a person with direct contact. Despite spreading smallpox the Native Americas health was getting much worse, which their immune system are very weak that there was a low chance of surviving. There was a high percent of smallpox that causes death. Nunn and Qian (2012) reveals the estimated that upwards of 80-95 percent of the Native Americans population was decimated within the first 100-150 years. During the 1500s a gruesome new disease explodes across Europe. It is called a Treponema pallidum such as Syphilis was frequently much fatal disease to handle. The symptoms it causes: rashes, large tumors, dementia,…

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