Essay on Christopher Columbus And The New World

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Christopher Columbus is credited with the discovering and integration of the once isolated Americas into the global world. For this, Columbus was given a holiday on which he is celebrated annually. Many people today believe that Columbus does not deserve a holiday and should not be celebrated due to the many atrocities he committed, such as killing and enslaving an entire population, in order to achieve what he did. Although Christopher Columbus is responsible for the decimation of millions of Native Americans, he should not be judged for his actions according to today 's standards and thus should continue to be celebrated because he is also responsible for the contact of the Americas with the rest of the world and the impact of his voyages are still felt hundreds of years after his travels.
Christopher Columbus ' voyages were influenced by many factors. During his time, Christopher Columbus, and many other explorers, were faced with the problem of how they could get to Asia by a nontraditional route. This was due to the fact that land routes to Asia came under the control of the Turks and going along these routes would cause unwanted conflict. Promises made by the Spanish monarchy to explorers that could solve this problem included guarantees of wealth, and of fame. Thus, Christopher Columbus, and other explorers, became infatuated with the possibility of traveling west in order to reach the far East. Along with these two factors, another motivation that inspired…

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