Columbus Day Abolished Essay

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Alexius Sparkman
Dr. Christopher Rounds
SSH 203: United States History to 1900
15 August 2016
Columbus Day Abolished How can Christopher Columbus get the glory of discovering America when natives were already here and he enslaved, raped, and killed them? Bill Bigelow refers to Christopher Columbus as “the first known terrorist,” also mentioning him being dubbed the “father of the slave trade.” He believes we should scrap Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples Day, a day to commemorate the resistance and resilience of Indigenous people throughout the Americas. Or that we should study and honor the people Columbus enslaved and terrorized: The Tainos.
Columbus was a greedy invader and inflicted complete genocide on the Native Americans he encountered. He began the slave trade in early February 1494, enslaving Tainos to Spain. He soon came to realization that the Taino slavery in Spain was unprofitable. One of the obvious reasons not to celebrate Columbus Day is that he did not discover America. Columbus tried to sail to Asia because Europe traded with Asia prior to.
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