Christopher Columbus And The Columbian Exchange Essay

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On October 12, 1492 , Christopher Columbus landed on an island which is now considered part of the Caribbean. He was met with a strange group of people he assumed were from eastern India, thus he called them Indians. However, he would come to learn very quickly that this land was not India, but a whole new world yet discovered by his people. Columbus would go on to introduce European technology, plants, animals, and even diseases with the new world. He would also take not only the new world goods back to Spain, but some of the Indians themselves would make the journey across the sea unwillingly. This practice has come to be named the Columbian Exchange. Among the various things brought to the New World, the technology was vastly superior compared to what the Indians possessed. The Europeans had mastered blacksmithing, which meant knives that were stronger than the ones the Indians had learned to create. Knives in the New world were often created from obsidian, which would not hold up under repetitive use. Guns were also brought to the New World. Traditionally the Indians would use bows and arrows. When hunting, the arrows were more likely to get lost if the shot was not true. If the animal being hunted did not die from being shot, it could run off with the arrow. The bow and arrow was also slower in battle. The shooter would have to drawl his arrow and take careful aim. The gun proved quicker and slightly more accurate, especially in battle, where speed would be an…

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