Christopher Columbus Positive Effects

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The Christopher Columbus is the man who remained in history as a great leader, the fearless discoverer. He conducted a number of important geographical discoveries in the period between 1470 – 1502 years and affected the world of the 15th century in most ways (PHILIPS, 1992). These effects were considered as positive (sparking the age of exploration, Columbian exchange) as well as negative (biological warfare, a genocide of Native Americans), but all of them were certainly significant. According to The History Channel, Columbus’ early voyage were the reason and spark to an explosion of European colonization. It’s also noted that it was possible due to Columbus navigator skills that enabled him to open the American continent before other …show more content…
Probably, the other biggest effect of Columbus' discoveries was the "Columbian Exchange". During the millennium, the flora and fauna worlds of the Americans had been hidden from the rest of the world because of the huge oceans. The Columbus’ exploration changed everything. He brought domestic animals to Americans and returned to Europe with stocks of various vegetables. This activity totally transformed the US, since it was the first biological exchange. Also, it took its economy on the other level (ROBINSON, n.d). Nevertheless, the critics of Columbus have determined that the worst aspects of this exchange added up to biological warfare (A+E Networks, 2009). Moreover, it’s not the secret that Columbus helped set the beginning for the genocidal movements that were the part of his voyage and as the result he has launched one of the greatest waves of genocide Knew in history (WEATHERFORD, 1989). Without taking a gander at the way that voyages and disclosures of Columbus likewise have a negative effect in the history, the World for the most part recollect that him as a remarkable assume that set up business and modern ties between the terrain's and began the procedure of Colonization of America, which lit the new start in the

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