Christmas Tree Essay

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Christmas is many people’s favorite time of the year, one of the most memorable parts of Christmas is the putting up and decorating of the Christmas Tree. Christmas takes place in winter and trees are common this time of year. The Christmas Tree is one of the most traditional objects of the holiday season that goes back many generations and many different cultures use them. Several steps are involved in this process. Decorating a Christmas Tree can be done in five major steps which are; putting up the bare tree, stringing the lights, adding ornaments, using tinsel, and placing the tree topper on top.
The tree needs to go up without anything on it first. There are different options for trees, stores sale both real trees and fake trees, and sometimes fake trees come in different sections. If you use an artificail tree that comes in pieces, follow the directions that come with the tree to put it together, or its usually self explanatory. Fake trees have become very popular because they last longer and can be reused year after year, you can also buy real trees in a store.
And then, string the lights on the tree, there are different options of lights available, such as clear or colored. Unroll these lights and either lay them on the branches and string them around, or some people prefer to work
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These ornaments can be anything, such as; glass or plastic balls purchased in bulk or special ornaments that have a lot of sentimentle value, like ones remembering a special wedding date or the birth of a child or the loss of a pet or maybe one handed down through generations. Putting ornaments on the tree is a good activity to do with family or friends or loved ones, it let’s you enjoy holiday time with people you care about as well as reminicse and tell stories about the ornaments your using. This is also a good time to watch holiday movies or listen to Christmas music and just enjoy the

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