Christianity, Judaism, And Islam Essays

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In both Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, God has a law for all of His followers to live by, and while they have free will to do as they please, whether it be to follow that law or otherwise, some actions against the law are considered sins, which have to be answered for after death. But, all three religions believe in the idea of repentance, and that if you are a faithful follower and plead for God’s mercy, God shall grant it upon you. God’s forgiveness and mercy can be seen in three different stages: God forgiving those who ask for his mercy, God forgiving those who ask regardless of the degree of sin, who they are, etc., there will be a punishment for sins that are unanswered for, and lastly the idea that to be forgiven by God those who ask for forgiveness must forgive those who have wronged them first.
The God of Christianity and Islam is a very forgiving and merciful God according to the Holy Texts of both religions. Generally, a common theme between them is the idea that God forgives those believers who ask for forgiveness. Those who genuinely repent and seek God’s mercy. In Islam’s story of the Sin of David, he finally comes to the realization that he had sinned greatly and he sought God’s mercy, “David realized that We had been testing him, so he asked his Lord for forgiveness, fell down on his knees, and repented: We forgave him [his misdeed]. His reward will be nearness to Us, a good place to return to” [HQ 38:24-25]. Similarly, in the Holy Bible, the book of…

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