Christianity, Colonialism And Imperialism Essay

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Christianity is the hallmark through which European colonialism and imperialism prospered over the African race for nearly 700 years. People of African origin throughout the world continue to suffer the consequences of colonialism and the precedence the makers and shakers of that period established. As Europeans conquered mother Africa and established white rule, they conducted a series of studies using pseudoscience to spread misinformation about whites possessing superior intelligence and are genetically superior to black people. One of the greatest tools that Europeans brought with them to Africa was Christianity. The Europeans processed that they were endowed by their creator, who sent his only son to save the world, to go out and evangelize other races.

The role of Christianity was very instrumental in the enslavement of the African people. The expansion of Christianity throughout of the African continent was the responsibility Christian missionaries. The Society of Jesus also known as the Jesuits was one of the driving forces in converting Africans to Christianity. Upon arriving on the west of Africa these priests developed and promulgated a western style education that forced the Africans to reject their own religious beliefs and adopted that of the Europeans. They preached submission, peace and forgiveness to the Africans while their trader and merchant friends kidnapped, murdered, tortured, and raped Africans and packed them in boats bound for the plantations in…

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