Essay on Christianity, Buddhism, And Islamic Religions

724 Words Dec 1st, 2014 3 Pages
Have you ever questioned your faith? Ever truly disagreed with the rules or words being preached to you? What if you had to choose a religion that was a life or death situation? How could you possible commit yourself to a religion for the rest of your life? Religions are complex literature works that incorporate types of rules, tradition, and culture. The messages spread by Christianity, Buddhism, and Islamic religions were all written down after the messengers of their God’s deaths. How do we know that any of these religions were true to what the original words and wisdom these people once said, or if they even said them at all? The key to a religion is belief, but what if you don’t believe in any of it? Try looking at religion from an atheist’s perspective and I get where they are coming from. Christianity is a collaborative of different traditions and customs that mostly came from, Rome and Greece. History has told us that Rome was notorious for integrating customs and religions from regions they conquered. They also believed in monotheism and had many cult related groups. The religion of Christianity came after the religion Buddhism, so some of the concept that base the Christian religion are more than likely borrowed. The thing I don’t like about Christianity is I don’t agree with giving offerings to the church. Some churches want you to give money ever based on the amount of your paycheck. It also creates tension between the members of the church, because the people…

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