Christianity And Its Impact On The Society Essays

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Christianity, one of the monotheistic religions practiced today, is the largest religion in the world; it has undergone many changes in the last 2,000 years regarding its variety of beliefs and influences on the society. It was founded in Judaea by a poor Jewish citizen in the Roman Empire- Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus preached anti- authoritarianism and was very popular amongst the poor, as he advocated for egalitarianism. In fact, in today’s society, the religion has over two billion followers, which had once been bound to have disagreements amongst its followers regarding the best ways to worship and follow God. The numerous followers that Christianity has gained since its start, has led to the formation of many different schisms, and denominations with their own practices and beliefs; however, the core belief of Christianity has remained the same- there is only one God and Jesus of Nazareth is the son of God. The turning points of Christianity, including the Protestant Reformation and the role of the Pope, were amongst the many events that prompted change within the beliefs of the religion and its followers.
The turning points in Christianity, including schisms and roles of higher officials, created different sects and beliefs within the Christian community. In fact, the evolution of different sects caused an altercation in the way people practice the religion today. For example, Jehovah 's Witness do not celebrate any holidays, while most Catholics have large gatherings…

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