Christianity And Its Impact On Christianity Essay

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Once Christianity was developed and underwent blasphemy from other cults, they were then supported by King Constantine which allowed them to practice their religion freely. Christians believed in one God and believed it was dishonorable to worship false idols because that was not considered the way to salvation. Christians turned away from the Jewish religion because they believed that God would send his Messiah, Jesus, and he would be considered the pathway to proper salvation. After the crucifixion of Jesus and the terrorist acts from the people against God’s son, Jesus forgave their sins as he was hung on the cross and was presented as a martyr to the Jerusalem population. Therefore, Christians saw that Jesus was holy and died in a honorable way to gain the trust of his congregation.
Christians view martyrdom as a way to be free’d from higher authority, to die in an honorable way. To become recognized as a martyr means you are a “witness for the faith”(Demarco). Martyrdom became popular within the religion, and people believed that it was their only way to die without the burden of their sins. Jesus died on the cross as a way to show his believers that their sin’s will be forgiven as long as they follow him in this religious path. Therefore, once it was implemented into their religion the congregation members supported and followed the laws of The Catechism of the Catholic Church believed that “martyrdom is the supreme witness given to the truth of faith: it means bearing…

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