Chris Mccandless Vs. Alexander Supertramp Essay

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Aristotle once said, “Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.” Chris McCandless or “Alexander Supertramp”, as he referred to himself, was described as both. His controversial story left many people in awe and some in horror. Chris left the confines of his home to escape into the wilderness of Alaska. Chris McCandless died from starvation in a bus due to his lack of common knowledge and rash decision making. When he burned his money, abandoned his car, and changed his name, he made a terrible decision to end his life with his own arrogance and lack of responsibility.
According to Craig Medred, Chris was killed by “his own inability to find food or find a way out” (Medred). Before he went on his big adventure to “find himself,” Chris didn’t do any research or preparation. He simply abandoned his old life and hitch hiked his way to Alaska. None of his family knew where he went and he lacked the general common sense to tell someone in case of an emergency. His relationship with his parents was obviously strained for unknown reasons in Krakauer’s book, but Carine, his younger sister, was also left out of the loop in Chris’ destination. McCandless didn’t have the curtesy to let her know where he went and she didn’t hear from him until his body was discovered in an abandoned bus.
Another lack of responsibility is shown through how close Chris was to civilization. The romantics of the world would love to praise Chris as a hero for following his heart.…

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