Chpter 3 and 4 Incident 1 Essay

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Chapter 3
Incident 2 So, What‘s Affirmative Action?
3-23. Explain why Supreme must submit an affirmative action program.
The supreme had to submit an affirmative action program because they had a low bid.
3-24. Generally, What should the program be designed to accomplish?
Supreme began doing small shopping centers and multistory office buildings in addition to work in its traditional area of specialization.
3-25. in conducting a utilization analysis, Michael discovers that although 30 percent of the general population of construction workers is black, only 10 percent of Supremes’ employees are black. According to affirmative action, what is Supreme Construction required to do? Michael was given increasing responsibility, and the
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Gen Yers tend to have a strong sense of morality and civic- mindedness. Generations Y employees want flexible working hours, which is a benefits that they are very enthusiastic about. However, Gen Yers childhoods have been short-lived have been exposed to some of the worst thing in life: schoolyard shootings, drug use, terrorism, sex scandals and war.
Generation Z
Gen Zers are more worldly, high-tech, and confident in their ability to multitask; they tend to have short attention spans and desire speed over accuracy; and they enjoy media that provides live social interaction. Two Gen Zer children sitting in the back seat of the family car may now be texting each other instead of speaking with each other. Although Generation Z is often referred to as the twenty-first- century generation.
Chapter 4
Incident 1, A Degree for Meter Readers
4-23. Should there be a minimum education requirement for the meter reader job? Discuss
There should be a minimum education requirement for the meter reader job but it shouldn’t be a college degree. There should be some previous work-related skill, experience or knowledge that could be helpful being a meter reader and could be required. The educational requirement is usually a high school degree or GED according to O*Net Job Zones website for meter reading. Meter reading is a job zone two. The minimum education

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