Essay on Chores : A Child 's Best Life Lesson

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Chores: A Child’s Best Life Lesson.
“But why do we have to do chores mom? They’re stupid”. Chores are what people have to do in a household to maintain its cleanliness and establish themselves as a working part of the family’s system and are vital. In Jane Smiley’s essay “The Case Against Chores”, she writes “I wasn’t expected to lift a finger when I was growing up.” Children should be expected to lift a finger and help around the house. Without chores, children might not learn responsibility, gain valuable skills, or learn money management. Chores are vital in a child’s childhood, and children should do chores.

Chores can shape a child’s behavior. For example, when a child is busy doing chores they are less likely to be in trouble. When I was younger my parents always made me do chores, which meant I was never able to play with my friends as much as I wanted to, but it kept me out of trouble. If a child isn’t busy doing chores, they will have time to associate with their friends who will put them in trouble and can affect them as adults. Chores also give children a sense of maturity. For instance, chores made me feel as if I owned my parents’ house. It made me feel like an adult taking care of the house and making sure I was maintaining cleanliness. I was able to confidently say that I completed my chores and that the house was clean because of the chores
I did. Giving a child a task that would essentially be an adult’s responsibility will cause them to feel as if they…

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