Essay on Chivalry, Honor, Honesty, And Loyalty

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The western world has always had a deep affinity for legends and fairytales. From these, few are more memorable or widespread as the Arthurian Legends. From Pace University, Mark Young outlines the ideals of chivalry, and the legendary men who upheld them: “Knights were looked upon as noble and honorable men. They were portrayed as being honorable, loyal and noble gentlemen. They were expected to uphold the values of the Church, defend the king, his land and his people, and be courteous to the ladies. They were honest, distinguished gentlemen. When they gave their word, it was trusted without doubt. They were the epitome of chivalry.” The Chivalric code followed by Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table follow most closely the ideals of valor, honor, honesty, and loyalty. The first and most noteable element of chivalry is definitely valor. In each of the Arthurian legends, valor, courage, and bravery is seen to be not only desirable, but necessary. As Adrian Bonenberger said of the stories, “From the Arthurian legends…there is a strong tradition extolling the virtues of these "chivalric" men. These tales of gallantry tell the discerning reader something about the social world of the times but are incapable of showing much more than an ideal to which people once aspired.” This ideal pictures valor as probably the most important. Valor, as courage in the face of great danger, was most important not only to the imaginations of the people who aspired to this legend, but…

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