Chiropractic And Surgery Free Alternative Model Of Health Care

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Chiropractic (In Greek: done by hand) is a drug and surgery free alternative model of health care dealing with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the disorders of the musculoskeletal system and their impact on nervous system and the general health (1). It was brought in by DD Palmer in 1895 as an alternative to potentially toxic drug therapy with the belief that the diseases are often due to the subluxation of the vertebra causing interruption to the nervous impulses and the correction of subluxation will free body for healing (2). This belief is still central to the chiropractic today (2). Chiropractors usually use manual techniques such as joint or spine adjustment and/or manipulation with the special attention on joint subluxation or mechanical lesion in order to reduce the pain or restore their functions. Other commonly used techniques are activator instrument or the sacro-occipital techniques, touch and hold technique, electrically assisted mechanical adjusting device and toggle (3, 4). Even though chiropractic care is widely practiced across all age groups, it has become one of the most popular complementary and alternative treatment among children over the last few decades (5). According to Chiropractic Association Australia (CAA), in Australia, there is more than 1.5 million paediatric chiropractic visits annually (6). While spinal manipulation is considered acceptable for treating back pain in adults but the health benefits of chiropractic…

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