Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart Essay

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Chinua Achebe once said, “It’s not difficult to identify with somebody like yourself, somebody next door who looks like you. What’s more difficult is to identify with someone you don’t see, who’s very far away, who’s a different color, who eats a different kind of food. When you begin to do that, then literature is really performing wonders.” This is what Achebe succeeded in doing when he wrote Things Fall Apart, a historical fiction novel that explores Nigerian culture during the Age of Imperialization. This book was one of the first of its kind to tell the story of European colonization from the perspective of the Africans. It’s a classic that’s been translated into over 50 different languages, and has had a huge impact on how the modern world views the colonization of Africa. The novel focuses on the lives of Okonkwo and his family, and tells the story of how Ibo culture comes to clash with European culture. Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is an influential literary piece that puts readers in the shoes of the imperialized Nigerians, and truly puts into perspective the great struggles they’ve had to overcome to conserve the native culture that shapes their lives.
For starters, Ibo culture plays a major role in the characters’ actions throughout the story. For example, when Nwoye came home after spending his day among the Christians, “his father, suddenly overcome with fury, sprang to his feet and gripped him by the neck. ‘Where have you been?’ He stammered. ‘Answer me,…

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