Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart Essay

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"Igbo people are violent savages who needed to be colonized and civilized." This is what many people thought before Chinua Achebe wrote Things Fall Apart. There was prejudice against African tribes depicting them as backwards and uncivilized, that was largely based on misunderstand or lack of information because all books about them had bee published by colonizers. This is why Chinua Achebe used his upbringing and personal experiences to tell the story from their perspective. "Things Fall Apart" has now sold over 11 million copies and is translated into 50 different languages which shows just how big of an impact it made.
Achebe, born Albert Chinualumogo Achebe, comes from Ogidi in Igboland Nigeria. He was born to two Christian convert parents who sent him to get and English education. He then went to the University of Ibadan for literature and medicine. He worked many jobs in his adult life, mostly after publishing "Things Fall Apart," including radio broadcasting, editing a Nigerian magazine, being a professor in Nigeria and the United States and starting a publishing company. He has 20 honorary doctorates and won the 1987 Nigerian National Merit Award. He has written other novels along with non-fiction and poetry centered around colonial Nigeria.
His English education was probably one of the main reasons he decided to write "Things Fall Apart." In a 2008 interview with Jeffrey Brown he stated this as a reason for writing the book, "Something needed to be done... that…

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