Essay on Chinua Achebe 's Life Of Nigerians

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Chinua Achebe was born on November 16, 1930. He was born in Eastern Nigeria by to two Igbo parents, Isiah Okafor Achebe and Janet Achebe. Both his parents were Christians and this led the christening of their son Chinua Albert Chinualamogu. His father was a catechist for the Church Missionary Society, and both his parents traveled to Eastern Nigeria as evangelists before settling in a small town called Ogidi. This was his father’s ancestral Igbo village 5 years before the birth of Chinua Achebe. While growing up in Ogidi, Chinua Achebe had contact with both Christianity and Igbo religious beliefs and customs, which made him averse in writing about the cultures and life of the Igbo people in Nigeria.
Chinua Achebe is one the most significant writers to come out of West Africa and Nigeria to be exact. He wrote so many novels that display and gives insight into the lives of Nigerians especially ones from the East. His most prominent work Things Fall Apart centers on a respected and wealthy man of the Umuofia clan. This man is called Okonkwo. At age 18 Okonkwo had name for himself and his name was well known throughout his village and other neighboring villages. Unlike some the fellow men in his village, Okonkwo did not have the grace of inheriting any of his father 's belongings instead he worked hard at a young age to get what he had. His father was a lazy man who did not own anything but owed a lot people money. He started accumulating wealth by borrowing yam…

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