Chinese Immigrants From America For Sanctuary From The War, Higher Salaries, And Other Personal Reasons

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Yeon Soo Rachel Kim
Edmundo R. Ortiz
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Doc Writing Assignment 2

In 1849, Chinese immigrants started arriving in America for sanctuary from the war, higher salaries, and other personal reasons. From the very first glance of the Chinese, the whites developed hegemonic ideas of who the Chinese people were. From this, a racial formation of the Chinese was born. Ronald Takaki analyzes and explains to the readers how racial formation affected the Chinese and how intersectionality can be used to connect gender, race, and class with social and economic problems. Most of the time, the racial formations put upon certain races are proven to be wrong. The classifications given to the Chinese were how they were lesser than whites, docile, feminine, hard working, and efficient. Despite some of the positive connotations of the stereotypes, the Chinese were still paid lesser than the white workers. In a court case study of People vs. Hall, George W. Hall and two others were tried for murdering a Chinese man, Ling Sing. The California Supreme Court jury ruled Hall guilty, but “an existing California statute provided that ‘no black or mulatto person, or Indian, shall be permitted to give evidence in favor of, or against, any white person’” (Takaki 189). Thus, the jury’s ruling was reversed because Chinese people, along with other people of colors, were unable to be witnesses in court involving white people. From this, the Chinese can be seen as lesser…

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