Chinese Cultural Revolution Essay

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The Chinese Cultural Revolution

"A revolution is not a dinner party or writing an essay or painting a picture or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous"- Mao said in 1927 to a youth activist

The reason for china to trying to become such a new generation was solely the opinion of Mao and his followers. Mao had seen the way the Russian revolution had gone astray and worried China would follow in its path. He mad four goals: to rectify China's communists, replace his successors with one more faithful, provide youth's with a revolutionary experience and achieve policy changes to make education,
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The new education taught people to love Mao with such praise that could only be compared to idiocy. Selected quotes from Mao were expected by the people to be memorized. They would be given one line and were to reply correctly. "Each word in Chairman Mao's works is a battle drum each sentence is the truth." All of China was literally brainwashed. Officers took over schools, factories and government agencies. Chen Boda worked with Wang Dong Xing to carry out Mao's directions about ideology and security. Even Mao's wife Jing Qing brought in radical intellectuals to rule the cultural realm. Mao was literally trying to make himself a place in history by making a large difference in China's history. So as you can see by my paper he succeeded. The people of China were in fact tortured. They were forced into praising Mao in everything he did; they were his robots. Mao was so completely selfish that he changed his successors quite a number of times. Elders were beaten for even speaking slightly of the old traditions. Mao was creating a completely new generation of people that would do completely and fully anything he said or wanted. China was scared of him, people were extremely careful about what they said out loud because the Red Army was everywhere. People had

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