Why Did Mao Zedong Make A Better Society

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After the civil war from 1927-1939 China struggled against foreign control since the opium wars. Mao Zedong was a son of a formally improved peasant who soon became the wealthiest farmer in Shaoshan. Mao Zedong was the Former Chairman of the Communist Party of China. In the year 1949 the communist gained power because they were fully supported by many peasants. Mao believed that because their was a lot of peasants they would be able to revolt against the war lords. Mao Zedong did make a better society economically and socially because he increased agricultural and gave the the lower class people an opportunity to have a more robust living standard.

Mao Zedong did make a better society economically because he increased agricultural and redistributed
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Wang was a peasant who worked on land that saw the improvements within him and his family. He also mentions how the land was redistributed between his village. Based on this document Mao Zedong did make a better society because a part land was equally given to the peasants, so it was easier for them to live in stable conditions. Mao gave peasants the opportunity to not rely on no one else but themselves and get extra money. In China’s Countryside, 1955 the leader of the communist of china, Mao Zedong wrote for the people in china about the robust economy they would have if they equalize the rights between both sex. He wanted to convince people that women should be able to join productive activity and receive equal pay. Mao Zedong did make a better society because he gave many women the chance to be autonomous .On the notes some reforms …show more content…
Chow Qingli was a chinese woman who was forced to be married feels that with her negative experience in a forced marriage that his law change was positive. She wrote this to talk about the changes during the time that Mao was in control for people interested in Modern China. Many women who were forced to be married were unhappy. Love can’t be forced and making two people get married would ended the opportunity for many women and men to have the chance to find real love. We could say they were living a miserable life married to someone who their family choose. Mao was forced to marry someone as well and i’m guessing his experience was also negative because he changed the law. After the law change they had freedom to choose their own husband and find real love. This made many people live in a happy community. An unknown Photographer who worked for the Chinese government in 1954 shows a poster for the people in china to worship Chairman Mao. Based on the picture Mao Zedong did make a better society because everyone in the picture looked happy. They are all smiling proving that their quality of life was getting better. There is also a lot of food on the table which is also good. Some one who keeps track of the literacy in China in the years 1922-1985 demonstrates the growth in education for people who want to know about the Chinese

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