Essay about China 's Influence On China

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China was one of the first civilizations to arise in ancient times. Throughout history, many dynasties came to power and China suffered military defeats, famines, and instability. A socialist system was instilled and the state struggled once again from the effects of the strict control and policies of the government post World War II (“China” CIA). Following this era, leaders strived for a market-oriented economy with increased output. Today, China has achieved a hegemonic status in the world and is the leading country in exports. The political, economic, and social systems in China have improved tremendously and are interwoven with one another, but there are still issues within each system.
China, officially the People’s Republic of China, operates as a communist state. In history, the Chinese government’s higher positions of power were passed down form generation to generation in addition to feudal systems that were implemented ("China" Encyclopedia). The former system used in the early 1900’s focused on the centralization of the government’s power, which the current system is trying to diminish. Today, the political party in power is the Chinese Communist Party, of which the current President is a part. There are smaller parties influenced by the Chinese Communist Party, but no significant parties of opposition. The state is led by President XI Jinping, who is indirectly elected by the National People’s Congress into a five-year term (“China” CIA). The Vice…

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