Essay on China 's Influence On African Nations

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Since the late 1980s, China has worked to portray itself as a “developing nation” to African nations, using its own personal narrative to appeal to African leaders. And this model appears to be working: between 1989 and 1997, trade between the China and Africa has increased 430%, and in 2006 China became Africa’s third most important trading partner (Tull). But China’s increased engagement in Africa has drawn sharp criticism from political analysts. While some are quick to highlight that China’s engagement in Africa has led to poverty reduction and faster growth on the continent, others portray China’s relationship with Africa as exploitive and one-sided. But as Sino-African relations continue to develop politically, economically, and militarily, it is clear that China-Africa relations are neither entirely equal nor exploitive; rather, it is complex and often times controversial. Over recent years, China’s economic engagement with Africa has attracted many African leaders. Compared to Western-aid, which often comes prepackaged with conditionality, China’s economic strategy, which includes debt-cancellation – over the past years, China has cancelled more than 1.27 billion dollars of African debt (Tull)-- and favorable loans, have proved advantageous for Africa’s leaders. And it isn’t simply African governments that support increased Chinese investment: according to a recent report in Afrobarometer, nearly two-thirds (63%) of Africans say China 's influence is…

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