China, The Middle East, And Africa Essay

1035 Words Jan 19th, 2016 5 Pages
Eve Orbach
Social Studies

China, Japan, the Middle East, and Africa were regions in which the influence of the Europeans was eventually greatly felt. All of these regions were at first reluctant to join with the European ways in matters such as culture and trade, but eventually succumbed to the pressure to join the Europeans due to various reasons such as military pressure from the Europeans or the pressure to succeed and evolve by modernizing as a country. The Europeans always succeed in achieving what they desired, whether it was trading with or obtaining power over the aforementioned states. At first China repeatedly refused to receive the French, British, American, and Russian officials into their harbor to trade. The Chinese remained committed to their traditional values and they were reluctant to start to interact with the Europeans, but the Chinese leaders eventually realized that a reform was necessary. By 1860 China allowed foreigners to trade with them in their ports, but the Chinese looked down upon foreigners. Extraterritorial rights were granted to foreigners as well. The opening of China’s port and the extraterritorial rights that were granted were the first steps that China took to becoming a modern country that interacted with other regions. Because China was largely self sufficient in agricultural matters, mining, and manufacturing, China was able to avoid contact with foreigners. The European merchants wanted to find a way to start trading with…

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