Essay about China Has A Different Life Style

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In American people are accustomed to a certain way of life. Most do not fear having to be told what to do with their life or with matters of personal and individual privacy. However, China has a different life-style. A lifestyle I had only heard at one point in my life in passing or seen briefly on the television on in movies. I would have never known how life was actually like if I did not have the privilege of working side-by-side at Citizens Bank and Trust with a woman named Liping Cai. Liping was no ordinary lady, and to fully understand her, one would have to get her to open up. Considering most of the employees at Citizens Bank and Trust were in their early twenties and Liping was a more mature lady, she stayed to herself most of the time; subtly giving people wise advice hoping someone would catch on. The longer I worked there, the greater my respect for her grew. I remained very engaged with her, constantly asking questions about her culture, her education, her family, and her country. Liping explained to me that in her time in China, she never wore blue jeans, she never wore a wedding ring, she did not take her husband 's last name, she did not drive, her education and career was predetermined for her, and she only had one son. Even after moving to the United States, she has always stayed true to how she wants to live her life. She definitely made the time pass by a lot faster. I also feel as though I learned a great deal from her, and it made me very interested to…

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