Essay on Chilean Folk Music

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Chilean Folk Music
There are four main types of folk music in Chile they are: -Northern Chile, Musica Andina -Central Chile -Mapuche Music -Chiole Music

Each type or sub-genre of music has a quite distinct sound and can be related to the racial groups of these areas and to the history of Chile.

Racial History of Chile
The history of Chile is varied as it has influenced greatly the course of folk music in these four main areas. The history is marked by the following major events: * Incas invaded in the mid 15th century and conquered down to Rio Mapia but could not defeat the Indians further south. * The Spanish invaded in the mid 16th century and conquered the entire Inco empire in Peru, Ecuador and Northern Chile.
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The pusa (laca) is made of 10 to 12 bamboo pipes tied together. One variations of the pusa (laca) is the double pusa (laca), the double has two rows of eight pipes and one row of pipes is double the size of the other.

Liquiguage – Similar to the quena except it is much larger and has a much more limited range.

Erke (clarin del norte) – the erke can range from three to five metres long and when played is held horizontally by several people. It is made of bits of cane joined together and adorned with bright wood and has a funnel at one end. It is believed to provoke the cold.

Ocarina – An ocarina is an oval clay instrument that has been flattened, it is hollow inside with walls about half a centimetre thick, with a mouth piece at one end. The side that faces up while played has two rows of four holes while the bottom has three holes. It can be 15 to 28cms in length and 5-10cms in diameter. It is difficult both to make and play.

Strings Guitar – from Spanish origins and has six courses of strings played with fingers. The sound is produced by pressing the stings against the neck of the guitar with the player’s weak hand while the dominant hand strikes the stings at the other end. Variants include guitaran with 25 strings and the charango. A charango is a small guitar with the body being made from an armadillo and has 5 metal courses.

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