Children 's Lack Of Children Essay

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Children who are placed in orphanages at an early age, specifically from newborn to the developmental years of two years old, are at a very high risk of having many early developmental complications. An orphanage is defined as the housing and care for orphans where they are to be fed and cared for, however despite the orphans receiving their basic needs, many children are still lacking the experience-expectant skills that they desperately need as they continue to grow. This is an extreme concern not only for our youth, but our world as a whole because of the fact that if these kids do not get the care and love that they desperately needed while developing, it takes a negative effect on the psychological and developmental aspect of them, which several statistics states that children who were brought up in orphanages are more likely to cause crime and other violent activities than those who were raised in loving homes. This is an example of a claim of cause.
According to Laura Christianson (2012), it was documented that there are in fact over 150 million orphans worldwide and about 90% of them will never have the chance to be adopted. This is a very sad deal because of the fact that most orphan children just so happen to be from a few months old to elementary children. Many orphans would be labeled as being un-adoptable because of the lack of their cognitive and developmental needs. By being placed in an orphanage so young and without the proper stimulation from the…

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