Children 's Independence Of Making Decision Essay

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Children’s independence in making decision is a gift from God which enable them to create a decision in a second, in a short term or maybe for a long term. However, that amazing ability have to be practiced in a full awareness of the certain information or knowledge which should be accompanied in that way.
Related to the abstract above, Indonesians children and adolescent have problems for making decision because of the less controling from matures; for example about accidents of unwanted pragnancies in adolescent ages. The possible way to reduce it is through the program named Sex Education. We need a certain curriculum or extracuricular for supporting sex education be taught in school. Sex education in school have been studied as a means to prevent sexual behaviour that puts adolescents at risk for incurring an unwanted pregnancy or a sexual transmitted disease.
Basically, sex is about the state of being male or female. It’s talking about distinguishing respectively female and male on the basis of reproductive organs and structures. Otherwise, people need to know about sexuality too, which is affiliated to sexual habits and desires of a person. Then, sex education is a common knowledge in supporting human’s concious and psychology condition about their sex, sexuality and health, within an adequate and accurate knowledge, a positive perspective of body and respectful to others too.
Have you ever had a fantasy sexual and exploration of your genital in age between 12 until…

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