Children 's Book Research Essay

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Children’s book research essay

Fraser Mander

There are many opinions about what makes a good book for children. A children’s book is a book with a mix of words and pictures. This is true from the Hairy Maclarey, written and illustrated by Lynley Dodd to Roald Dahl’s books as illustrated by Quentin Blake. Children’s books have to offer a sense of joy no matter how simple or complex it is. Books such as Curious George or Winnie the Pooh have that central character that shows emotion. Even if a kid’s book does not have a central character, the language used in the book can be used to connect on an emotional level like Dr Seuss’s fanciful texts or Hairy Maclary’s constant rhyming.

Children 's books can also tell stories through artwork and offer an author the opportunity to expand young minds through interesting poetic language, fun alliteration and some advanced vocabulary. A good character in a children’s book needs to have an easy personality so that is easy to understand. A character should have one weakness. Perfect characters are not very amusing. They’re also harder to feel something in common with or care about. And they don’t have anything to learn. In the same way, there should be at least one thing good about a “bad guy”. “When it comes to reading books with a child most adults who have read both print and e-books, think that print books are the better option”. This is what was said by the Pew Research Center about…

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