Essay on Children With Same Sex Parenting

1127 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
Studies estimate that between one and nine million children in the US have at least one parent who is gay or a lesbian. It is almost impossible to retrieve an accurate count of homosexual parent families because many homosexuals do not openly speak up about their sexual orientation because of their fear of discrimination. There has been a steady rise in same-sex parenting partly due to the increase in availability for same-sex marriage. In many cases the children or child of the homosexual couples are biological children of one of the parents, and a growing count include the result of surrogacy, donor insemination, adoption and foster care. Some same-sex couples may decide to have children within their relationship, and others may decide to bring in children from previous same-sex unions. Researchers have looked at these aspects in terms of signs of social stigmatization and the relationship these kids have with their friends and family. In order to study the development of children with same-sex parents I decided to look at it from aspects of gender role behavior and identity, social and emotional development, sexual orientation and the quality of the parent-child relationship. Arguments have been made that same-sex parents directly affect their children’s behavior, and after conducting this research paper I was able to sum up some interesting points as to why this is not the case.
In terms of gender role and identity the fear was that the children of same-sex parents…

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