Children With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay examples

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The focus of this program is to increase awareness about children with post-traumatic

stress disorder ages 3 to 17. Trauma is the key to understanding post-traumatic stress disorder. Trauma is an overwhelming event that takes away a persons safety, it creates a sense of

helplessness and it continues to affect ones perception of reality. According to the American Psychological Association, “Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident,

rape or natural disaster.” (APA, 2013) Any form of trauma that results in lasting emotional damage can be categorized as PTSD.

Children can develop PTSD if they have lived through or seen an event that could have

caused them, someone they know or their community harm. There are many events that can impose PTSD on a child, for example, a natural disaster, school shooting, and a death in the

family or community violence. Children are affected by trauma differently depending on their age, their family support and their proximity to the event. More than 3 million children in the U.S. alone are believed to have PTSD. (DeMaso, 2011)

Children can show signs of PTSD differently. The way a child makes meaning of a

traumatic event can affect the way they think, act and learn. Experiencing trauma can affect a child’s sense of security and ability to safely explore the world, causing child to become withdrawn and preoccupied with danger and a sense of vulnerability, even when there is no

present threat. This…

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