Children Should Live Their Lives Essay

789 Words Feb 1st, 2016 4 Pages
“Abuse is a parasite that feeds off hate and shame, growing in size and strength with silence.” (Sex, 2015) . Child molesters are monsters that let their sexual desires run wild ruining not only their own families, but the families they terrorize as well. Once these are caught do they deserve another chance to run rampant destroying lives? Many of these paedophiles people who sexually fantasize children will go on to commit the same if not more brutal of a crime after they are released. Child molesters are wired to be sexually attracted to children and can not fully be rehabilitated there for they should not be aloud back into society. Convicted paedophiles should live their lives in prison because they acted on their fantasizes, their crimes after they get out, and because of what happens to the abused children.
First off, there is a difference between paedophiles and child molesters. Child molesters are paedophiles that act on their sexual fantasizes of children. Many paedophiles understand that their desires are illegal and stay away from children to protect themselves and children from their desires. When paedophiles act on their desires they become child molesters and usually they feel little to no remorse for their terrible actions. Many child molester become friends with families or even start a relationship to get closer with their victims. Once they fulfill their desires they tend to use lies or threats in order to stay close and reuse their victims till they move…

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