Essay on Children Of God 's Fire : A Documentary History

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One does need a full knowledge of the slave trade and slavery to know that those coming from the continent of Africa and those born into slavery suffered various forms of psychological rewiring, some positive but most negatively. Yet, it is scarcely asked what the mental state of the White population was, despite the generalized notion of accepting. There most have been some sort of ‘something’ felt.

For this paper , we will be analyzing the relations betweens races, specifically the racial attitudes in 18th century Portugal and Brazil. To do so , we will be using Robert Edgar Conrad’s, Children of God’s Fire: A documentary History of Black Slavery in Brazil, primary source, 5.1 (202), focusing our analysis on the language used by these two white men—a lawyer and miner.

“The fact is that I have a Negro whom i suppose must have been sent into this world for my Purgatory,” is one of the first lines of the discussion between the characters of this primary source, the Miner and Lawyer(203). Simply stated, ‘a burden’; ‘ a curse’. Immediately intros discussion, possession is being attributed to suffering. Despite being ironic in the since that it was the possession who suffered most, this is also indicative of that ‘something’ being closely relatable to that of guilt—as we deem it today— was something that required the justifications of another to be remedy whatever this ‘something’ was in that world.

A comparison is made by the two white men—who of are different…

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