Children Of A Single Parent Home Essay

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In today 's society, children in need are growing up with the lack of love from parents, may be poverty stricken, abused or neglected. Living in a single-parent home seems to be exceptionally common, not just in the United States yet all over the world. Whether it 's the father not present or the mother, it can have such an effect on the children which can lead to mental illness. A child can be affected at such a young age, once they are all grown up they have mentally and emotionally unstable issues. "The overall rate of single-parent families has slowly increased from 1994 to 2009. Currently, in 2012, the rate is about 11.2% of families (Kunz, 2012)."
Studies show that living in a single-parent home can have such a negative effect on one 's ' life that they act out for attention (inappropriate behavior), seek for others approval (low self-esteem) and even drop out or expelled from school (education). However, not having both parents does not necessarily signify that the child will have challenges or a mental illness. Occasionally, it 's only helping to build that child into a strong and independent person once they are grown up. With a sufficient amount of vigorous parenting from the mother or father, whichever is present in the child life, self-esteem can be internalized through a positive relationship with that parent. It is imperative that the parent shows an adequate amount of love playing both roles as the mother and the father. "In addition to providing love and…

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